1. Knaack Safety Kage - First job site storage specifically made for safety equipment and hanging fall protection.
  2. Werner Leansafe Step Ladders - Available in 300lb and 375lb 4ft-12ft. Step ladder that allows you to safely lean the ladder when it is collapsed.
  3. B&B Safety Pipe Jacks - Manufactured in Houston, TX and designed for Bechtel this pipe jack has a "safe hands zone" to eliminate pinching.
  4. B&B Stackable Conduit and Pipe Carts - Manufactured in Houston. TX these heavy duty carts fold and stack for easy storage and transport.
  5. Knaack Cart Armour - Thee panels bracket your Rubbermaid cart to transform it into a secured cart.
  6. Werner Leading Edge SRLs - 2018 NSC "Best in ShowFirst and only leading edge SRLs to be approves for concrete and B-deck edges.
  7. PIP Fogless 360 Safety Glasses - Most eyewear on the market has only a light anti-fog coating that wears away quickly. Only Bouton® Fogless®3Sixty™ Technology applies a densely bonded coating that continues to bead away water and moisture, even after repeated cleaning.
  8. PIP Maxiflex Gloves - MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ gloves are designed and developed with 360° breathability through the use of ATG’s patented AIRtech® platform now improved using game-changing technology. Ultimate dexterity. 
  9. Camel Grinding Wheels 3 in 1 Wheel - This wheel allows you to cut/grind/finish all in one.  Save time and money not having to change your wheel.
  10. MK Diamond Swing Shrouds - Swing Shroud is designed for concrete and surface grinding dust control. The shroud is made from an “abrasive resistant” plastic to prevent wear from the grinding process.
  11. Werner Hi Vis Extension Ladders - Approx 10% lighter than traditional extension ladders and are made in Hi Vis green color for better visibility.
  12. Werner Proform F3 Harness- 2017 NSC "Best in Show" This harness provides immediate post-fall relief.  Built in relief cords enable a gravity override seated position relieving potential fatal pressure to the femoral arteries.
  13. ​Werner Multi-Purpose Ladders - These ladders feature 5 telescoping positions and come in a variety of sizes for almost any job.

New Products

This section is to show you new products and new technology that will help make you more productive and safer on the job site

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